Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument

The first stop on our journey through the west was Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument near Las Cruces, NM. This area belongs to the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and offers many outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, and camping. Dispersed camping is also available at multiple locations just outside the park borders.

Free Parking!

During our stay, we parked in an area found via near the Sierra Vista trail head off Dripping Springs road. This location has about 8 campsites and offers great vistas of the desert peaks. Camping for up to 14 days is allowed at this location.

Hiking Baylor Peak

Baylor peak is a 7,721 ft summit at the north end of the Organ Peaks range. Ashby and I hiked to the summit via the Baylor Pass trail we found using AllTrails. We found the first part of the hike from the trail head to Baylor Pass not too difficult and it is was the portion from Baylor Pass to the Baylor Peak Summit where things got harder. Rapid elevation gain, high winds, and scrambling definitely turned the difficulty level up a few notches but, after a break for lunch near the top, we pushed through and made it to the summit.


With stunning views of mountain peaks & formations, surrounding desert valleys, and outstanding trails, we found Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument to be an awesome piece of the southwestern landscape. We hope to return again someday in the future.

Want more?

For more photos of our visit to Organ Mountains National Monument click this link to our photo blog.

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