Vanlife on Pause

Let it be known that due to Covid-19, we have returned home and are sheltering in place with family in Texas. We have been home for about a month now and are keeping an eye on the status of parks and public lands with hopes of being back on the road soon.

When the virus first broke out in the United States, we felt safe living in our van in remote areas far away from the general public and cities. We consider ourselves to be flexible and can easily adapt to most situations. When gyms started closing we purchased a solar shower so that we could stay remote on the road without having to go into towns for workouts and showers.

Solar shower!

When the shelter in place orders started we isolated in Death Valley for two weeks. However, we eventually had to come out of hiding to do laundry, grocery shop and fill up our water tanks. After isolating in Death Valley, we decided to pick a new remote area to hunker down in Mojave National Preserve. Unfortunately, with the closure of most national parks on our intended itinerary and diminished to access public lands we felt the responsible thing to was to come home and wait for Covid-19 to blow over.

Social distancing near Death Valley National Park

We hope to be on the road soon but, in the mean time we are updating our blog to bring you more reports of our adventures to this date.

Stay tuned for more posts soon!


Alan & Ashby


3 thoughts on “Vanlife on Pause

  1. Mike Perkins May 12, 2020 / 5:20 PM

    I feel for you. Love the update!

    I heard you we’re hitting the road again soon. Yes??


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    Heroic Media
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  2. Ben May 20, 2020 / 7:33 AM

    Hopefully you can “reset” very soon and get back after your travels. Good luck and as always thinking about and praying for you guys. Be safe!

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