Leavenworth & Alpine Lakes Wilderness

After spending time with family in Glacier NP, we continued to move west through Idaho and into the great state of Washington. We vacationed in Washington two years ago and were excited to return. Our first stop was in Leavenworth, WA, a Bavarian themed town in the Cascade Mountains. A picturesque wilderness known as The Enchantments brought us to this town and although we didn’t end up hiking to it we had a great time exploring Leavenworth.

Big mossy tree

On our first exploration day, we hiked the West Fork Foss Lakes Trail to Trout and Copper Lakes in the Alpine Lake Wilderness. This hike was 8.3 miles with an elevation gain of 2,539 feet and ended up taking us a whopping 8 hours because we kept stopping for pictures and to soak in the spectacular views. We just couldn’t get enough of the mossy trees and lush vegetation surrounding us. The flowing streams, waterfalls and alpine lakes we saw on the trail weren’t too shabby either.

Copper Lake

It was hotter than we thought it would be in Washington, so the next day we decided to explore Lake Wenatchee via kayak. While traveling through these northern states we have come to the conclusion that although it is 90+ degrees outside, the water remains in the 60’s which is still too cold for us Texans to fully enjoy. We had to settle for just dipping our legs in the water and then quickly hopping back out for warmth.

Kayaking on Lake Wenatchee

After spending some time in the sun, we decided to hit the town for some brews and brats. Alan had been craving sauerkraut and brats for quite some time now so he was excited to get his fix. Our first stop was a German restaurant called Andreas Keller, where we had we had beer, jagerschitzel and bratz. This was my second time trying German food and quite frankly I am just not impressed by it. Alan, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed every bite (and sip). We had a much better time at Leavenworth Sausage Garden which had larger beers for a much cheaper price, oh and tasty pretzels. This place was right up our alley and I would totally recommend to anyone swinging by the area.

Alan at his happiest


The charming town of Leavenworth and surrounding evergreen mountainous forests made for a very fun stop. I know we said we loved Colorado but I think we love Washington more! We hope to return for the challenging Enchantments hike in the future.

Thanks for reading!


Click here for more photos of our time in Leavenworth!


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