Dodging Wildfires in Southern Oregon

While moving through Oregon, we found ourselves having to maneuver away from active wildfires and smoke. At one point we decided it would be best to drive East away from the forests toward Burns, Oregon only to wake up to find that the wind direction forced the hazy smoke to follow us! Since we didn’t want to completely go off course, we thought it was best to hunker down in a couple of Airbnb’s in Bend, Oregon until the smoke cleared.

Look at that sun and heavy smoke!

We made the best of our stay in Bend and enjoyed living in a house even if it was just for a little while. We took advantage of having a full kitchen and made some homemade tortillas and mole. YUM! We were also able to watch the Dallas Stars in the Western Conference finals. GO STARS!

Flipping tortillas BY HAND, what a guy!

Oh yeah, we eventually made it to Crater Lake but visibility was still pretty poor. We drove around the parks scenic loop to see what we could and just decided we will have to return to this park in the future. Until next time!


Crater Lake

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