Sawtooth National Forest

One of the destinations we were most excited about visiting in Idaho was the Sawtooth Mountains. We planned a three day backpacking trip into the mountains to see the Baron Lakes and were blown away by the beauty we came across.

To get to the trailhead, we could either take a water taxi across Redfish Lake or hike 4 miles around the lake. Since we are lazy hikers, we decided to take the boat across. The hike to the Baron Lakes is a 15.3 mile round trip with a total elevation gain of 3,533 feet. We decided to split up the climb into two days and hike back down the third day. Doing this, allowed us to camp and enjoy Alpine Lake on Day 1 and the Baron Lakes on Day 2.

Redfish Creek

The first few miles of the trail followed Redfish Creek and we could hear the sounds of flowing water as we hiked through the beautiful forest. On the last mile and a half to Alpine Lake camp, the trail became steep and climbed about 900 feet in elevation. This section of the trail was tough but the stunning views made up for it. We saw so many pretty wildflowers and the mountains surrounding us left us in complete awe!

Alpine Lake

Once we made it to Alpine Lake, we set up camp and simply soaked in the scenery. Of course not everything can go perfectly on a backpacking trip, after resting our feet for a while we walked down to the lake to filter our water for dinner and the next day of hiking. We discovered that our water filter was not working very well and ultimately broke after multiple frustrating attempts of using it. We decided we would have to drink unfiltered water straight from a nearby waterfall and just hoped we wouldn’t get sick. Alan sacrificed himself and took the first sips of unfiltered water to see if it was good and I am happy to report we did not get sick.

Right before the water filter bag broke!
Preparing dinner lakeside
Exclusive sneak peak inside of our tent!

The next morning we packed up our camp and headed toward the Baron Lakes a couple of steep miles away. On the way there we came across a nice pond and more wildflowers. After climbing multiple switchbacks, we finally got our first glimpse of Upper and Middle Baron Lakes and stopped for a quick snack before heading down to the lakes.

Upper and Middle Baron Lakes

We set up camp in between Upper and Middle Baron Lakes in a perfectly secluded spot. We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon by Upper Baron Lake occasionally dipping out feet in the ice cold waters. Alan even decided to brave the frigid water for a quick rinse. Burrr!

Alan basking in the sun by Upper Baron Lake

On our last morning of the trip, we packed up and began our 7 mile hike back out. After about 10 minutes into our hike, Alan realized he forgot his cellphone back at the campsite! He ran back to get it and we were both glad he realized his phone was missing sooner rather than later. At the end of our hike we were both daydreaming of the delicious pizza we had a few days earlier at Papa Brunee’s in Stanley, Idaho, so of course we had to return and eat some more!

Alan and his two personal pizzas – because why the hell not?
My own small pizza – because it’s my business!


We would totally do this trip all over again! I am not joking when I say there were amazing views the entirety of this trail. Next time, we will hike all the way up to the Baron Lakes on day one and set up camp by Middle Baron Lake since it is much larger and the mountains behind it are spectacular.

Thanks for reading!


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